Run Stephanie's Pizzeria, the newest eatery to set up in Heart lake City! Stephanie is taking orders over the phone and at the counter. Help her put the pizzas in the oven using the pizza paddle and prepare drinks and a salad for customers in the...

$11.99 as at 15:05 UTC. (Details)

Enjoy a magical boat ride with Ariel and Prince Eric in the lagoon by the palace! Come with Ariel as she seeks to break a magic spell! The enchanted mermaid has traded her voice for a chance to be with the lovely Prince Eric. Only a kiss from his...

$53.35 as at 15:05 UTC. (Details)

Prepare for exciting outdoor adventures with the cool Camper Van! Find the perfect riverside spot, offload the canoe from the roof and put on the life vests. Then push off into the water for an exciting day of exploration, before returning for a...

$52.89 as at 14:45 UTC. (Details)

Enjoy countless royal adventures in Princess Sofia's magical world with the Disney Sofia the First Royal Castle! Sofia and her stepsister, Princess Amber, love to explore in their royal castle, where princess fun and magical surprises await around...

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Dig into this selection of LEGO bricks and let your imagination run away with you! The building possibilities are endless, with classic bricks in 29 different colors and special pieces including doors, windows, wheels, eyes and propellers. And if...

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Set out the road sign and traffic cone to start the day at the work zone! It's a busy day at the city construction site. The workmen are enjoying driving around in their dump truck and front loader. Move the bricks around with the tall...

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Get ready for take-off at the LEGO DUPLO Airport! Build the luggage check-in and make sure your suitcases are taken to the plane. Drive the refueling truck over to fill up the plane. Then help the pilot take his seat and make sure all the passengers...

$15.99 as at 15:01 UTC. (Details)

Includes a boy LEGO DUPLO figure Features a wagon base, 2 window elements, a dog, numbered bricks and a wide selection of other DUPLO bricks Match the numbered bricks with the corresponding decorated bricks Store the bricks in the...

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L Includes 2 : Leo with his swords and a Foot Ninja Features the Turtle Lair, Turtle vehicle, Foot Ninja vehicle and Leo's skateboard Turtle Lair features flip-open toolbar, launcher and computer screen decoration LEGO Juniors sets...

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