Includes Spider-Man and Venom minifigures with assorted weapons; Weapons include Spider-Man's spider web and Venom's black whips Features Easy to Build Spider-Car with chunky tires, flames and iconic red and blue colors; Includes...

$29.99 as at 20:01 UTC. (Details)

Includes 2 firefighter Features a fire station, fire truck and a trash can with fire elements Fire station features a chute, vehicle ramp, big windows and a bed Fire truck features Easy to Build elements, fire hose and a ladder LEGO...

$49.98 as at 05:55 UTC. (Details)

Includes a construction worker minifigure; Features an Easy to Build construction truck, crane with wrecking ball and a wall section Accessories include a wheelbarrow, cones and building accessories; Comes in an iconic and sturdy LEGO...

$50.00 as at 05:55 UTC. (Details)

Enjoy a perfect afternoon by the sea at the iconic Heart Lake Lighthouse! Stephanie is going to visit her friend Kate in the ice cream shop there. Help her pick an ice cream - there are so many flavors to choose from - and enjoy it on the pier in...

$49.00 as at 01:13 UTC. (Details)

Take the little puppy to agility training! Help the puppy practice weaving in and out of the cones and running up the seesaw, waiting for it to tip before running down the other side. Then give her a long run up and watch her leap over the water...

$5.99 as at 01:13 UTC. (Details)

Hop aboard the sleigh and join Anna and Olaf as they pay a visit to Queen Elsa's beautiful ice palace for some frosty fun! What will they do first? Play hide and seek behind the secret staircase, or go skating around the castle? They could ski down...

$44.99 as at 01:13 UTC. (Details)

Help injured animals with Mia at the Vet Clinic! Today she is looking after a cat and a dog. Help her examine the dog on the table and check his heart and lungs with her medical tools. Then take him over to the scales to be weighed - he needs...

$40.00 as at 01:13 UTC. (Details)

Play with the cute bunny and her brand new babies! In the garden, a mommy bunny has given birth to 2 little baby bunnies. Help them drink from the feeding bottle and give them carrots and radishes from the vegetable patch to help them grow...

$26.39 as at 14:02 UTC. (Details)

Features 2 tree trunks, detachable Treehouse with detachable roof, secret trapdoor with lock and red bucket trap, fold-down ladder and storage area 3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a lakeside hut or farmyard barn Hide the treasure map in the...

$43.99 as at 20:23 UTC. (Details)