Help Elsa and Olaf prepare the courtyard outside for Anna’s party, but keep the Snowgies away from all the sweets! It’s time to wake Anna up and search for her birthday presents hidden in the castle. What kind of presents will she get? Get ready...

$36.00 as at 10:47 UTC. (Details)

Build a 3-story dream house with 3 LEGO® DUPLO® figures and a pet cat! Designed especially for girls, it features a detailed kitchen, bathroom and a cozy bedroom with its very own balcony. Rebuild into lots of different designs with tons of...

$88.62 as at 13:20 UTC. (Details)

Join the climbing challenge at the LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Tree House, with a climbing wall over a large waterfall, turning bridge obstacle, slide, tire swing and a vine. Features a house with kitchen and sleeping area under the roof to relax...

$89.95 as at 13:20 UTC. (Details)

Complete the Elves' epic adventure and send Emily Jones home through the magic portal! Skyra's Mysterious Sky Castle includes 3 LEGO Elves mini-dolls, spa room, lava kitchen, dining area and 4 magic key to open the portal. Find the magic...

$114.95 as at 13:20 UTC. (Details)

Lego Friends Heartlake Airport 41109 Jet off on an exciting vacation with Heartlake Airlines! Help Stephanie check in her luggage at the LEGO® Friends Airport and place it on the turning carousel while flight attendant Sandra gives her the...

$89.67 as at 13:20 UTC. (Details)

It's another fun day at the zoo. With four cute zoo animals, including a baby elephant, tiger, polar bear and giraffe, there's always something for the friendly zoo keeper to do, like feeding the animals. DUPLO bricks, figures and animals are...

$74.99 as at 13:20 UTC. (Details)

LEGO Pink Brick Box Large (5560) - 12 wonderful colors and shapes for endless hours of building and...

$67.50 as at 13:20 UTC. (Details)

With the LEGO Friends Heartlake Pet Salon, children can build and customize their own grooming salon. The included LEGO Friends mini-dolls can groom a pet poodle on the rotating grooming table, stock a pet boutique with food and accessories, and...

$37.26 as at 13:20 UTC. (Details)

With the Heartlake City Pool by LEGO Friends, every day can be summer vacation. This colorful set has everything the Andrea and Isabella mini-dolls need to have some fun in the sun. Your child can make them zip down the water slide into the pool,...

$66.57 as at 15:57 UTC. (Details)