Protect the Spider-Man Hideout against an aerial assault from Green Goblin! The Easy to Build LEGO Juniors Spider-Man Hideout includes 3 minifigures and 3 amazing vehicles including Spider-Man's special helicopter. Help Marvel's Spider-Man defend...

$28.99 as at 13:21 UTC. (Details)

Play out your daily routines in the Family House! The LEGO Juniors Family House includes a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, swimming pool, bike, 3 minifigures and a dog. Create endless family fun in the Easy to Build LEGO Juniors Family...

$33.98 as at 13:25 UTC. (Details)

Take your place on the grid for the most exciting race of the year! Build the red and blue cars and the chicanes, get the finishing stand ready, put the start/finish line together, then get ready to win the race and lift the trophy! This starter...

$43.99 as at 17:57 UTC. (Details)

Join the firefighters on duty at the LEGO DUPLO Fire Station! Play with the 2 shiny fire vehicles at the Fire Station including 2 firefighter LEGO DUPLO figures, wrench, flame and a fire-bell brick. Get set for action at the LEGO DUPLO Fire Station!...

$126.00 as at 13:25 UTC. (Details)

Play and learn at LEGO DUPLO My First Playhouse! Combine the chunky pieces to build the playhouse as a perfect introduction to basic construction skills. The special decorated bricks showing key parts of the daily routine provide talking points for...

$10.00 as at 13:25 UTC. (Details)

Join Dusty and his friends from Disney Planes: Fire and Rescue for exciting new adventures! The forest is on fire and Dusty, Blade Ranger and Drip must do everything they can to put it out. Fill up at the water station, then help Dusty and Blade...

$58.51 as at 13:25 UTC. (Details)

Fly to the rescue and save the day with Superman! Help him stop the car from crashing into the water hydrant, then head back to work at the Daily Planet office. Young children will love creating adventures with Superman. Encourage basic...

$22.99 as at 13:21 UTC. (Details)

Catch The Joker before he causes more chaos! Help Batman speed to the scene in his Batmobile, then use the Batarang to stop The Joker and his out-of-control radar. Young children will love building exciting scenes with the large, brightly colored...

$34.24 as at 13:24 UTC. (Details)

Help toys feel better in Doc McStuffins' Backyard Clinic! The Doc is in! Help Doc McStuffins and friends Lambie and Stuffy look after all her toys in the Backyard Clinic! Susie Sunshine is sick and needs Doc to make her feel better. Time for...

$22.49 as at 13:24 UTC. (Details)