Fly to the rescue and save the day with Superman! Help him stop the car from crashing into the water hydrant, then head back to work at the Daily Planet office. Young children will love creating adventures with Superman. Encourage basic...

$22.99 as at 13:21 UTC. (Details)

Catch The Joker before he causes more chaos! Help Batman speed to the scene in his Batmobile, then use the Batarang to stop The Joker and his out-of-control radar. Young children will love building exciting scenes with the large, brightly colored...

$34.24 as at 13:24 UTC. (Details)

Take LEGO DUPLO train building to the next level with the Deluxe Train Set featuring a cool modern train! Jump aboard the locomotive with real sound effects and fill up the wagons with rocks at the quarry. Then unload them with the working crane...

$104.99 as at 13:24 UTC. (Details)

Build Never Land Island and find the buried treasure! Build Jake and the Never Land Pirates Treasure Island with Jake and Izzy figures, and gold doubloon and pixie dust decorated bricks. Help Jake and Izzy find the gold doubloon on Never Land...

$39.00 as at 13:24 UTC. (Details)

Help toys feel better in Doc McStuffins' Backyard Clinic! The Doc is in! Help Doc McStuffins and friends Lambie and Stuffy look after all her toys in the Backyard Clinic! Susie Sunshine is sick and needs Doc to make her feel better. Time for...

$22.49 as at 13:24 UTC. (Details)

Introduce your child to a whole animal-themed world of creativity and building fun with this fun creative animals set! use the inspiration cards to help your young creator assemble the easy-to-build giraffe, bunny, dog and worm, each with its own...

$21.23 as at 13:26 UTC. (Details)

Get inspired with the LEGO DUPLO Creative Building Box! What will your little one create from a box of big and chunky LEGO DUPLO bricks? Start your stories with vacation-themed decorated bricks to help spark their imagination for open-ended building...

$78.75 as at 13:20 UTC. (Details)

All aboard the School Bus! Build a bus shelter where the 2 children can check the timetable and wait for the bus to arrive. Help the bus driver stop at the traffic lights and drive to the shelter to pick up the children. Then head off for a busy day...

$25.99 as at 13:20 UTC. (Details)

Set out the road sign and traffic cone to start the day at the work zone! It's a busy day at the city construction site. The workmen are enjoying driving around in their dump truck and front loader. Move the bricks around with the tall...

$59.99 as at 13:20 UTC. (Details)